Kanye West Debuts Dark 'Lost In The World' Video

West unexpectedly rolls out a late visual for his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy track.

Kanye West works in mysterious ways. Just when it seemed like all of his creative energy would be funneled into his upcoming G.O.O.D. Music compilation, the mad genius jumps back two albums, finally dropping a video for "Lost in the World," from his critically acclaimed 2010 album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Simply calling the new visuals from Kanye a "music video" might be a disservice, though, so let's say that 'Ye teamed up with fashion filmmaker Ruth Hogben to create a new mini movie. The black-and-white clip opens with a warning that "strobe effects are used in this video" — West clearly learned a lesson from the backlash that accompanied his "All of the Lights" video — before "Lost" flashes across the screen in a few different languages and, finally, the song's title is announced.

The dark clip plays up the desperation of the Bon-Iver-featured "Lost in the World," with a group of models dressed in sheer fabric (it wouldn't be a Kanye piece without some form of exposed skin) expressing their pain through dance.

West himself appears on a mirrored platform, which reflects the dark sky above, and as the video progresses, the looming structures overhead begin to part, revealing an ominous city skyline. During the drum-heavy breakdown at the end of the track, the models convulse into full synchronized dance, ending with one lingering shot of the pained expressions on their faces.

Kanye's aesthetic has continued to evolve over his last few projects, and this new clip seems to be an extension of the techniques he employed in the visuals for Watch the Throne's "N---as in Paris."

The clip premiered on Friday (May 4) with no context, as Kanye's most recent releases are the G.O.O.D. Music singles "Mercy" and the "I Don't Like" remix, along with the solo track "Way Too Cold."

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