Usher Sports Neck Tattoo On Looking 4 Myself Cover

Singer also reveals track list for his June 12 release, which will include collaborations with Pharrell, Rick Ross and others.

Usher is nearing the release of his new album Looking 4 Myself. And to get fans excited for it, he unveiled the track listing and cover art this week.

The cover teases the "more artistic" tracks he has in store. In a close-up shot of his profile, Usher sports a neck tattoo that matches the artsy images in the background.

On it, he's got collaborations with Rick Ross on "Lemme See," Pharrell on "Twisted," and Luke Steele on the album's title track, according to Hiphop-n-More. For those unfamiliar with Steele, he's from the Australian synth-pop duo Empire of the Sun. He also appeared on Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 and co-wrote the track "Rather Die Young" on Beyoncé's 4.

Usher already has teased fans about what they can expect from the June 12 release with the sultry single "Climax," the party track "Scream" and the R&B thumper "Lemme See." He previewed the album at a special performance of the off-Broadway show "Fuerza Bruta" in New York City in April.

"There's a lot there to keep fans tuning in. It's a ton of other experiences and a ton of other walks ... as I've had this long journey over the last year [and] every bit of what I've experienced I've put into a creative, artistic way," he told MTV News about the album. "This is more artistic of an album than I've had in history."

Here's the full track list for Looking 4 Myself, including deluxe edition tracks:

» "Can't Stop Won't Stop"

» "Scream"

» "Climax"

» "I Care for U"

» "Show Me"

» "Lemme See" (featuring Rick Ross)

» "Twisted" (featuring Pharrell)

» "Dive"
» "What Happened to U"

» "Looking 4 Myself" (featuring Luke Steele)

» "Numb"
» "Lessons for the Lover"
» "Sins of My Father"
» "Euphoria"

» "I.F.U." (Deluxe only)

» "Say the Words" (Deluxe only)

» "2nd Round" (Deluxe only)

» "Hot Thing" (Deluxe only)

What track are you most excited for on Looking 4 Myself? Leave your comment below!

What track are you most excited for on Looking 4 Myself? Leave your comment below!