Rita Ora 'Happy To Be Compared' To Rihanna

Roc Nation singer jokes to MTV News about what a Rita/Rihanna video would look like.

A girl with a foreign accent inks a Roc Nation deal, teams up with Drake and leans on Jay-Z to kick-start her Stateside career. Can't Rita Ora get on her grind without inviting comparisons to Rihanna?

OK, granted, the Kosovo-born newcomer has a few things in common with the Grammy-nominated Bajan pop princess. As he has for Rih, Drake picked up the pen for co-writing credit on Ora's U.K. hit "R.I.P." (a song reportedly intended for Rihanna, who turned it down). And as he did for the "Umbrella" singer, Hov is playing mentor to the upstart. But Ora, with her soulful growl and West London upbringing, has her own lane. And she's decidedly blasé about those bloggers busy tallying the similarities between the two 20somethings. In fact, she's flattered by your parallels.

"I take it as a compliment, the comparison is a great one," the "How We Do" singer told MTV News recently. "It's not like it's someone I'm not a fan of, so I'm happy to be compared to someone like that."

In February, Roc mogul Jay accompanied his U.K. signee to iHeartRadio's Z100, where the station's DJs played her raucous "(Party)" single on the air and clinked glasses to toast her arrival on the scene. Now, the blond beauty is hard at work on her album. So, having set the record straight about those pesky comparisons, we had to ask: Would she be up for a Rita/Rihanna collabo?

"Doing a feature with her would be so cool," Ora said without hesitation. The idea of going half on a track was so appealing that she even came up with a possible video treatment, complete with dialogue.

"The video would be kinda hot," she laughed. "I'd be, like, chasing Rihanna the whole time. ... I'd be like come on, man, give me a shot, man! Let me just take you out!' " she dramatized with overeager arm gestures. Then, of course, she burst into giggles, "No, I'm joking; I'm very, very much straight."

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