Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend' Video: A Cheat Sheet

Bieber is bringing his 'Boyfriend' video to MTV tonight at 7:50 p.m., followed by a live Q&A on MTV.com!

Think you know what to expect from Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" video, which debuts on MTV tonight? Well, in case you haven't been keeping track of all the details, MTV News has compiled a handy-dandy cheat sheet to get you in the know before the video drops.

From the song's recording to the video's shoot, we have the inside scoop on the making of "Boyfriend" from the people who helped create it.

The Track

For the lead single off Believe, Bieber hit the studio with Mike Posner and Mason Levy. Posner shared with us that Bieber had some killer instincts in the studio. "Justin's super hands-on with his music," he explained. "He comes up with amazing melodies — that's what I was most impressed by. We'd put on a beat or something, and he goes into a booth, and he freestyles these melodies, and they're crazy."

Swag Without Fondue

Leading up to the release of the video, Bieber made it clear that it wasn't going to play into the song's lyrics literally. Although he makes mention of fondue and Buzz Lightyear in the song, he shared with MTV News that both visuals were left on the cutting room floor. "No, no, I won't be dressed up as Buzz Lightyear," he said. "I think there's some copyright issues. I can't use that."

The Video's Locale

Bieber took over a Los Angeles rooftop in late March to shoot the lead video off his Believe album. In photos leaked from the set, Bieber was seen riding in muscle cars and chilling with an exotic-looking brunette, all under the watchful eye of his girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

The Video's Concept and Co-Star

Judging from the tease, the video's all about a big rooftop party filled with good vibes. During the celebration, Bieber gets cozy with a girl that happens to look a bit like Gomez. "You know, I guess Justin has a type that he likes, so hey, you know, there you go," the video's director, Director X, tells MTV News about the casting.

Want more behind-the-scenes scoop from Bieber himself? The singer will sit down with MTV News' Sway Calloway on Thursday to premiere his "Boyfriend" music video during "MTV First: Justin Bieber" live at 7:50 p.m. ET on MTV. After the video premieres on air, Bieber will chat with Sway for 30 minutes on MTV.com, opening up about the clip as well as his June 19 album release, Believe. But that's not all: If you have a burning question for Bieber, you can get in on the fun by commenting below or tweeting @MTVNews with the hashtag #MTVFirst or #AskBieber.

Immediately following the premiere, the "Boyfriend" video will be available on MTV.com, so Beliebers can watch it over and over and over again.

Don't miss the "Boyfriend" video premiere tonight at 7:50 p.m. ET/PT on MTV during "MTV First: Justin Bieber," followed by a live Q&A with Justin himself on MTV.com!