Kanye West Denies Domestic-Abuse Rumors On 'I Don't Like' Remix

'I never hit a woman, never in my life,' Kanye raps on new G.O.O.D. Music single.

Every time Kanye West releases a new song, we can expect to hear an unfiltered piece of his mind.

On the G.O.O.D. Music single "Mercy," he gave us a heads-up that he would soon start a media frenzy by holding hands with Kim Kardashian, and on his latest, the "I Don't Like" remix, he addresses rumors of domestic abuse in his past relationships.

The new single, a remix of Chicago rapper Chief Keef's hit single "I Don't Like," was released Tuesday night with features from Pusha T, Big Sean and Jadakiss. Every rapper takes their turn at a verse, and when it comes time for 'Ye to spit, he throws in a line about rumors that he'd hurt his exes. "The media crucify me like they did Christ/ They wanna find me not breathing like they found Mike," he spits. "A girl will run her mouth only out of spite/ But I never hit a woman, never in my life."

"A girl that run her mouth" is in reference to news that surfaced about a week ago, claiming West physically abused his ex-fiancée, Alexis Phifer, while they dated. Kanye, not a fan of interviews, decided to use his latest single to put the rumors to rest.

According to an April story in In Touch Weekly, someone in Phifer's circle claimed West pushed her into a bush during a Fourth of July bash when she confronted him about finding a naked picture of Kim Kardashian on his cell phone.

An unnamed source told In Touch: "They went outside, and Kanye pushed Alexis into some bushes with all his force. She was wearing a T-shirt and she got cuts and scratches everywhere and was bleeding. She was crying. But he just left her there. He got in his car and drove away."

This follows an older story from Media Takeout back in March 2011, when the site published what it claimed was an email from Kanye West to a fan saying that Amber Rose "told people I beat her and all kind of wild sh--."