Rihanna 'Cried Laughing' At James Franco's Video

After seeing his take on 'You Da One,' Rihanna reveals she's in talks to appear alongside the actor in 'The Apocalypse.'

Rihanna and James Franco might want to get a room. These two have been gushing about one another all over the press — but, it's just business.

MTV News caught up with Franco at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, where he opened up about almost being cast in Ri's "We Found Love" video and how the pair might eventually appear together in the flick "The Apocalypse." RiRi later revealed that she's just as big a fan of Franco's work as he is of hers. How big of a fan is he? Well, the actor recently released a viral video of himself lip-syncing "You Da One."

"I love James Franco," Rihanna told MTV News during "MTV First: Battleship." Referring to the online video of Franco singing his heart out to her Dr. Luke-produced Talk That Talk single, she added, "Someone sent this to me via Twitter, and I watched that. I cried laughing."

After learning that the frizzy-haired man in the clip was indeed the Oscar-nominated actor, Rihanna couldn't believe he knew her music that well. "First of all, I didn't recognize that it was him like that, and then I didn't recognize it was him singing my song," she said. "And it was kind of cool because I'm a huge fan of James Franco, so it was dope to know that he even knew my record."

About the chatter that she might appear with Franco in Seth Rogen's movie "The Apocalypse," well, that is still up in the air. But if she should join him, she might be playing one of the celebs partying at Franco's house when they learn the apocalypse is coming. "That's in the works," she said. "I can't really say. Nothing's confirmed, but it's open, and we're interested."

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