Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball Kicks Off Amid Protests

Seoul, South Korea, set list heavy on new material, but Gaga's biggest hits come out to play.

Lady Gaga kicked off her hotly awaited Born This Way Ball at Seoul, South Korea's Olympic Stadium on Friday (April 27) in front of 45,000 fans, and despite protests from Christian groups saying Mother Monster was "obscene" and could "taint" young people with her performance, the concert appears to have gone on without incident.

Intrepid Twitter fans are already showing off pictures and video of the BTW Ball's enormous Gothic castle backdrop and myriad costume changes, making it clear that Gaga has outdone even her own Monster Ball in terms of spectacle.

While we wait for reviews to trickle in from halfway around the world, one thing is certain: No minors were corrupted at the show. Earlier this month, the Korea Media Rating Board decided to elevate the age rating for the concert from 12 to 18, prohibiting minors from seeing the concert. When the board notified Gaga's tour promotion company and a sponsor of the change in age restrictions, it did not offer a reason why the show — which at the time was still in rehearsals and had not been reviewed publicly — was considered unsuitable for children under 18.

The likely catalyst for the board's decision came more into focus as the concert neared and protests from a group of conservative Christians calling itself the Alliance for Sound Culture in Sexuality ramped up. The group covered Seoul with posters accusing Gaga of "spreading unhealthy sexual culture" through "lewd lyrics and performances."

The superstar and her fans, however, were undeterred. Though she tweeted her hopes that the Korea Media Rating Board would reverse its decision (it didn't), she continued on as planned. Many fans reportedly arrived at the show wearing versions of Gaga's most well-known flamboyant costumes, and there have been no reports of disturbances at the concert.

Before the show, Gaga tweeted, "I can you hear you Korea. I'm shaking."

Gaga's performance was heavy on material from her Born this Way album, though her biggest hits, including "Bad Romance," Poker Face" and "Just Dance," were represented.

Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball set list:

» "Highway Unicorn"

» "Government Hooker"

» "Born This Way"

» "Bloody Mary"

» "Bad Romance"

» "Fashion of His Love"

» "The Queen"

» "Just Dance"

» "Love Game"

» "Telephone"

» "Just Dance"

» "Heavy Metal Lover"

» "Bad Kids"

» "Hair"

» "Yoü and I"

» "Electric Chapel"

» "Americano"

» "Poker Face"

» "Scheiße"

» "The Edge of Glory"

» "Marry the Night"

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