Snooki Wants Baby Before Wedding

'I'm not even ready for it yet,' the 'Jersey Shore' star tells MTV News of her wedding plans.

Snooki may be planning for her baby, but she certainly isn't planning her wedding just yet. The pint-sized reality starlet wants to welcome her first-born into the world before she officially becomes Mrs. Jionni LaValle.

"I mean, I do have a dream wedding," she confessed to MTV News on Thursday in New York City, with her "Jersey Shore" besties JWoww and Pauly D by her side. "But I definitely don't even want to talk about it or think about it because I'm not even ready for it yet. I just want my baby first."

JWoww confirmed that the ever-expanding Snooki hasn't put much planning into her wedding. "She's in pregnancy mode," Jenni added.

In footage from "Snooki & JWoww" shown to the Media on Thursday, Snooki drops the bombshell on her friend that she is both pregnant and engaged. While it seems JWoww is momentarily shaken, one ultrasound later, everyone seems on board for the baby. Though, there are still plenty of antics to be had, and they include the ladies apartment hunting, torturing their respective beaus and, yes, even hitting up a club or two for a night of dancing.

"I was very excited [when we found out about the baby]. I don't know if I was more excited for what's to come or the fact that we finally moved in together," JWoww said of learning that there'd be another roommate in the house, growing inside her little friend. "But it's not a dull moment. All of us, all eight of us [are going to help out]. It's gonna have a lot of aunts and uncles."

Snooki said the pregnancy may not have been in the reality-show plan, but they made it work. "When we film, it's all about reality and what's going on in our life," she said. "So it's not like we're going in there and staging things. It's what's really going on in our life. It just so happens that I got pregnant while [we were filming]."