The Wanted Take Shots At 'Scary' Christina Aguilera

'She's a total bitch,' Tom Parker says of Aguilera, who supposedly snubbed the Wanted during an appearance on 'The Voice.'

Any die-hard fan of the Wanted can surely list innumerable reasons why the rippling, randy group is totally different from any of their Boy-Band predecessors — they are British-Irish, they sing about booze, etc — but here's one we've just become aware of: They are totally unafraid of speaking their mind.

That's because, in an interview with New York radio station Now FM, they went off on "The Voice" chair-sitter Christina Aguilera after she gave them a less-than-friendly reception during their appearance on the show last week. And we mean they really went off.

"She's a total bitch," Tom Parker spat. "She might not be a bitch in real life, but to us, she was a total bitch. She just sat there and didn't speak to us. Wouldn't even look at us."

"She was quite rude," Siva Kaneswaran added. "Who does that?"

The Wanted were also asked to compare their interactions with Aguilera on "The Voice" with an earlier meeting with "American Idol" judge Jennifer Lopez, when Max George planted a kiss on J.Lo and then the boys openly pined for her hand in marriage backstage. And, as you can probably expect, they definitely preferred one experience to the other.

"[Aguilera] was a bit scary, to be honest," George said.

Then, when asked about smooching Lopez, he laughed: "Yeah, well J.Lo's hot, Christina's nothing special."

Snaps all around. It bears mention that perhaps Aguilera was just having a bad night, because following the show, she also caught heat for snubbing Justin Bieber. At press time, reps for the Wanted (and Aguilera) had yet to respond to MTV News' request for comment on the burgeoning beef, but we suspect we're going to be hearing plenty more from both camps in the days ahead.

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