Foster The People Keep The Show Rolling In 'Houdini' Video

Band is the model of professionalism after an on-stage mishap.

Singers have taken the stage with sore throats, broken feet and all manner of cuts, scrapes and bruises, both mental and physical. But after surviving a high-speed car chase in their "Don't Stop"
clip, when the time came for Foster the People to suit up for the video for "Houdini", the fourth single from their smash debut album, Torches, they decided to show just how dedicated they are to going on with the show.

Just seconds into the clip directed by Daniels (The Shins, Chromeo), a lighting rig crushes the band's members the day before a major gig. That doesn't wash with a mysterious businessman, who shows up on set determined to see that the concert goes off, no matter what. His minions slap corsets on the boys and lash them to men in black body suits who stand behind them and manipulate their arms and heads as if the pop trio were human marionettes.

With a snap of his fingers, the businessman gets the lights turned off and, what do you know? The boys are actually pretty awesome dancers. The crew rejoices and we quickly learn that in a "West World"-like reveal that the band is made up of cyborgs.

Actually it's kind of hard to know what exactly is going on, but the fellas are somehow rebooted and able to pull off the sold-out show the next night, bringing tears to the eyes of their crew. Oh, and they also have superpowers that allow them to hop way up in the air and dance like pros. But, by the end they are either so wiped out, or their batteries are so depleted, that they crash on the couch backstage as everyone celebrates their triumph around them.

The video comes one year after the release of Torches and a month before FTP prepare to launch their summer tour on May 29. The outing includes three sold-out nights in New York's Central Park, where they will play to more than 17,000 fans, as well as a first-ever trip to the Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival. After playing alongside the reunited Beach Boys
 at this year's Grammys, they will hook up with the legendary beach pop group on two of their summer dates.

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