The Wanted Sink Their Teeth Into 'Chasing The Sun' Video

British boy band premieres latest music video during 'MTV First: The Wanted.'

Lucky us! MTV News has been spending a lot of time with über-popular boy band the Wanted recently, including following them around all day Tuesday (April 24) for the release of their self-titled U.S. EP, and with "MTV First: The Wanted," during which the guys premiered the much-anticipated video for their second U.S. single, "Chasing the Sun".

The clip opens with the fivesome together, standing on a rooftop before going out for the evening. We soon see them traveling through the streets of Los Angeles to a nightclub. There are quick cuts to each of the guys in different parts of the city, looking suave and smoldery, with different girls clinging to them at various points in the video. After each one of these interactions, the boys are left with curious tattoos in the shape of a sunburst on their hands and arms. These scenes are intercut with shots of the band on a rooftop singing the chorus of the track, and it seems as though the group is literally chasing the sun.

Toward the end of the video, the band approaches a gated door, at which point Tom Parker flashes his sun tattoo to a bouncer, who lets him pass into the sunlight, which turns out to be another exclusive club of some sort where each of the boys reunite with the ladies from earlier in the video. All of a sudden, the ladies flash vampire teeth mid-makeout and bite into the necks of each of the boys. Not to worry, though, because the final shot of the video shows all five members walking into the sun, away from the mysterious club — alive.

"Our song 'Chasing the Sun' is basically about the party that keeps on going," member Jay McGuiness told us when we visited the set recently. The video was helmed by Director X, the third video collaboration between the director and the band, who previously worked on the video for their smash single "Glad You Came."

"You always want to do better than your last song, and we've set a really high standard with 'Glad You Came' already," McGuiness said. "But I think we know now from the singles we've got in our pocket, there's no way we're going anywhere. We're here to stay, and our songs are going to get better and better. I'm just bragging right now so hard."

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