'Dark Knight Rises,' 'Hobbit' Footage Screens At CinemaCon

While fans and critics called Nolan's footage 'explosive and awesome,' many were not as enthusiastic about Peter Jackson's.

The Warner Bros. panel at CinemaCon was among one of the most highly anticipated of the gatherings of film fans, journalists and theater owners. Rumors of footage from Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit" at a revolutionary 48 frames per second and potential appearance from Christopher Nolan and "The Dark Knight Rises" made the panel a can't-miss event.

Soon after the conclusion of the panel, bloggers and journalists from across the industry shared their immediate reactions with the world, and the results spell good things for Batman fans, but could mean doom for those awaiting a return to Middle Earth.

"The Dark Knight Rises" was an expected but unannounced feature of the panel, and the reaction so far on Twitter has been unanimously positive.

"THE DARK KNIGHT RISES footage was as awesome as you'd expect. Saw footage of 'The Bat' in action. IMAX stuff looks sick. Nolan is amazing" — Steven Weintraub, Collider

"Also of note: Bane's voice has been seriously amplified & clarified in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, and I don't care what anyone says. "— Josh Dickey, Variety

"The Dark Knight Rises footage was explosive and awesome. #CinemaCon" — Peter Sciretta, /Film

The reactions to the 48-fps footage from 'The Hobbit,' however, were less than stellar. Many complained that the faster frame rate did not look like a film, but most agreed that the bump improved the quality of the 3-D. The footage included several scenes, including the famous sequence of Bilbo challenging Gollum to a series of riddles.

"Listening to Cinemacon people - theater owners - this 48fps demo sold NOBODY," — Devin Faraci, Badass Digest

"Great Scott, THE HOBBIT in 48 frames-per-second is a thing to behold. Totally different experience. Not all will like the change." — Dickey

"Saw ten minutes of Hobbit in 48fps 3D. Very exciting, but I'm now very unsure about higher framerates #CinemaCon" — Peter Sciretta, /Film

It's likely this will only be the beginning of the 48 fps date, as several films, including James Cameron's proposed "Avatar" sequels, are planning to utilize the technology.

Baz Luhrmann's "Great Gatsby" also showed off footage for the first time to the public, but its 3-D was received much more warmly.

"Also saw ~5 mins of The Great Gatsby raw 3D footage and WOW. Baz has made a beautiful, 3D drama, really enhances the experience. Whoa." — Alex Billington, First Showing

"Writing up THE HOBBIT. Drinking while doing it. GREAT GATSBY was gorgeous, though." — Faraci

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