'American Idol' Castoff Colton Dixon Talks 'Weird' Song Choice

Christian rocker says fans may have been 'turned off' when he decided to perform Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance.'

American Idol had fans scratching their heads two weeks in a row after another shocking elimination. Potential favorite Colton Dixon, the Christian rocker from Tennessee, found himself in unfamiliar territory on last week's episode, landing in the bottom three for the first time. Fans were convinced that he would return to the couch, but after 53 million votes, Dixon was sent packing.

What's the reason for his early exit? Well, according to Dixon, it was his song choice. The 20-year-old took the stage to perform two songs that night, the first being Lady Gaga's smash single, "Bad Romance."

"I'm like, 'I can metal the snot out of this song,' " Dixon told MTV News on Monday (April 23) about his thought process in choosing the song. "I just started getting giddy thinking about it. I saw the smoke and I was like, 'I'm in!' and I ran with it."

But now, Colton feels that the message of the song may have offended his fanbase.

"I had fun with the song, that was who I was and I had a blast with it," Dixon said. "And you know, it's not necessarily a bad message, we all want something that's not good for us, but that's how I took the song and I had to edit around some of Gaga's choice words to have it fit me a little better. But still, I think my audience heard Gaga and just went 'Oh, weird' and kinda turned off a little bit, which I understand. I take such a strong stance in my faith, I do understand."

Yet, Dixon has no hard feelings against the song, or Lady Gaga, whom he happens to be a big fan of. "I love her, I do. She's a great artist and she can sing her tail off and that's what I love," Dixon revealed. "She does whatever she can and whatever she has to do to stay on top of the music industry and she does a great job of it."

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