Katy Perry Spotted With New Man At Coachella

Singer is seen kissing Florence and the Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd.

It was more than just the music that Katy Perry took in over the weekend at Coachella in California. The single pop star was seen also taking in the affections of what appeared to be a new boyfriend.

The singer was spotted holding hands, kissing and generally canoodling with Florence and the Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd. This was the second weekend in a row that Perry was at Coachella. She debuted her new hair color at last week's festivities, and this week, it looked like she was debuting her new love.

Click for pix of Katy and Robert canoodling at Coachella

The couple were photographed Sunday. Perry was in a lavender romper to match her brand-new purple locks, while Ackroyd sported a plain, white T-shirt and jeans. When Perry tweeted about this past weekend's festivities, she made no mention of her new beau, instead writing about Radiohead and her dream to make a Sublime hologram happen, à la the much-talked-about Tupac Shakur hologram.

Perry split from husband Russell Brand back in December after two years of marriage. She's remained relatively low-key in the love department since the split. She had been momentarily linked to football star Tim Tebow, but she laughed off the rumors at the Super Bowl, when she dedicated her track "Peacock" to the quarterback.

While Katy seemed to be all smiles while chilling at Coachella with Ackroyd, sources told Us Weekly that the singer is still dealing with her split from Brand. "Katy's been trying to get [Russell] back!" a friend said. "She's a lost soul right now." Another friend added, "Right now, Katy and Russell are trying to get to the point where they can at least be friends."