Double Take: Getting To The Bottom Of 'Hot Problems'

The teen twosome talks to MTV News about their viral video and how it all happened... sort of.

Three days and more than 1 million streams later, Double Take are certifiable Internet sensations. The teen twosome's track, the hotly debated "Hot Problems," is a song about all the troubles attractive people face, if you couldn't guess from the title. The video features little more than the high school seniors hanging out in a limo mugging for the camera.

The two high schoolers have risen to the ranks of Rebecca Black heights, but very little is actually known about them. And, when MTV News chatted with them on Thursday afternoon, it seemed they still wanted to keep the details about who they are and who is helping them become so popular as vague as possible.

"We're working with a production company, but it's more of a behind-the-scenes thing," Lauren explained. "We don't like to talk about it that much."

The girls wouldn't give their last names, and only added this information about how "Hot Problems" ended up an Internet hot commodity: "We are getting some help, but in the end we have friends helping us out, a bunch of different people. We don't want to drag them into this," she added, not confirming what the role of Old Bailey Productions has. "It's been crazy for us too to get so much attention and we don't want this to affect their lives too much."

On their video's official YouTube page it notes that OBP "produced the video as a favor," and the twosome wasn't willing to go into more details. They were more forthcoming about what prompted them to write the track, which has been debated, a lot, leaving many people wondering if the pair is even serious or if it's just a big Internet joke, since most opinions were unfavorable.

"It was all just for fun and to just have something we could share with our friends," Drew said. "Well, we enjoy writing funny lyrics and songs and we decided that we really liked this one. So we decided to make it into a song and video, eventually. We really had no intentions when we put this up to begin with, so seeing it take so rapidly, we haven't really had a chance to decide what we want to do. I think that hopefully there could be a future with it."

The overnight rise to online fame has been surprising to the pair. Drew noted, "It was shocking. It hasn't really sunken in for any of us. The first day it was a joke around the school and then the next day we had friends of friends contacting us."

"And then the third day is when it went viral," Lauren added, "I would say."

Well, now that the world is looking at them, Lauren admitted, "I don't think we're going to be the next Adele, but we do really like writing songs and coming up with lyrics. Who knows? Maybe we'll get into that."

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