The Wanted Call 'Punk'd' Episode 'Brilliantly Gruesome'

'When you get accused of kidnapping, it's the worst feeling in your life,' Tom Parker tells MTV about tonight's episode.

Odd Future star Tyler, the Creator will be this week's guest host on "Punk'd," and for one of the pranks, he got an assist from right inside the Wanted. It seems that Jay McGuiness was a bit of a "Punk'd" mole when it came to pulling one over on his pals.

"The team at 'Punk'd' spoke to someone on our management team in the U.S. called Nano. ... Nano knew that out of the group, I enjoyed pranking the lads a lot," the Brit explained to MTV on the set of their video for "Chasing the Sun."

"And so we worked with their team for a couple of weeks to come up with the idea, [and] obviously we weren't allowed to tell you anything to come up with the idea. And then on the day we filmed 'Chelsea Lately,' it all just slowly kicked off. It was just a brilliantly gruesome day. It was awesome."

So, what exactly did Jay put the guys through? Well, sometime during their appearance on the show back in February, the fellas were accused of kidnapping a little girl. Once outside, they were detained by police officers and put through the ringer. Needless to say, the guys were pretty scared.

"When you get accused of kidnapping, it's the worst feeling in your life," Tom Parker explained. "[I was thinking,] 'I'm going to prison for the rest of my life in America.' "

While they tease they are working on getting Jay back, they actually have their sights set on another teen idol: their pal Justin Bieber. "You know who you really want to punk next? Bieber," Parker explained. "Because he claims he's un-punkable, and this could be something that we need to set up."

On the season premiere of "Punk'd," Bieber pranked the likes of Taylor Swift, Sean Kingston and Miley Cyrus. So far, none of those folks have gotten vengeance on the singer. This week's episode will also include Tyler punking "90210" star Shenae Grimes and E! reality star Scott Disick.

"Punk'd" airs at 10 ET/PT (9 Central) tonight on MTV.