Exclusive: Kaskade And Skrillex Team Up For 'Lick It' Video

Kaskade tells MTV News the duo did 'the unexpected' for the clip, which premiered Tuesday on MTV.com.

When Kaskade first revealed that he and Skrillex had produced a song together, fans, artists and critics alike eagerly anticipated the event. Just what would a Kaskade/Skrill team-up sound like?

The result was "Lick It," the Fire and Ice standout that seamlessly integrates both of their sounds.

"Collaborating with Skrillex for the track and video of 'Lick It' was one of the more unique opportunities I had when recording Fire & Ice," Kaskade told MTV News on Tuesday (April 17), the same day their collaborative "Lick It" video exclusively debuted on MTV.com. "Skrillex and I have different styles, but that is part of what made it fun. I like doing the unexpected, and this track and video is something truly distinctive."

After the kaleidoscopes and cityscapes of "Eyes" (featuring Mindy Gledhill), Rebecca and Fiona rocking out with ice skaters on "Turn It Down," and Kaskade getting his "Sliver" on with Skylar Grey in "Room for Happiness," the video for "Lick It" is a gritty, technically sophisticated endeavor, helmed by L.A.-based filmmaker Sean Stiegemeier, whose credits include Zedd's "Shave It" video.

"It was a great honor to work with these two artists," Stiegemeier told MTV News. "The collaboration could not had been more ideal as a director. They would allow me to throw out some wild ideas and then work together towards a concept that we all created and enjoyed."

And wild it is. Filmed in snowy Iceland, the vid depicts a bloody Aníta Lísa Svansdóttir (an Icelandic actress and soccer player) desperately in search of music, acting entirely in reverse but with a linear story line.

"The video was shot in a small town on the south coast of Iceland," Stiegemeier revealed. "Weather and light were a tough factor, with only four hours of daylight and blizzards storming through the shoot."

Without her tunes, Svansdóttir literally falls apart. Blood flows from her eyes and ears as she tries, unsuccessfully, to snatch a pair of headphones off a local before shattering the window of a home to scoop a pair.

"It was the most physical shoot that I have done," Stiegemeier said. "Because the camera was attached to the actress as she had to run backwards the entire time, also uphill, on ice, while bleeding out of her ears. Fortunately, she is a professional soccer player and did an amazing job."

With Kaskade and Skrilly back in her ears, he health is restored as she chugs away from the scene smiling, with angry, snow-pelting villagers left behind her.

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