The Wanted's 'Chasing The Sun' Video Leaves Guys 'Disheveled'

Jay McGuiness tells MTV News the clip is 'about the party that keeps on going.'

The Wanted just wrapped up production on the video for their new single, "Chasing the Sun." And if you thought listening to the track was a big party, the guys are making sure to extend that invitation to the music video.

When MTV News caught up with the fivesome on the L.A. set for the clip, they teased just what their fans can expect. "Our song 'Chasing the Sun' is basically about the party that keeps on going," Jay McGuiness said, with pal Max George giving a bit more insight into how that will manifest in the Director X-directed clip: "There's certain shots which we've just done now which are on a rooftop, and then we're filming all night until 6 in the morning, and then the last shot, I think, will be us just kind of walking away looking rather disheveled," George explained of the video, which should drop in the very near future.

With the amount of success the Wanted have already had with their single "Glad You Came" here in the U.S., the guys are hoping they can dominate the airwaves with this new equally dance floor-ready track.

"You always want to do better than your last song, and we've always set a really high standard with 'Glad You Came' already," McGuiness explained. "But I think we know now from the singles we've got in our pocket, there's no way we're going anywhere. We're here to stay, and our songs are going to get better and better. I'm just bragging right now so hard."

"Chasing" is the second single off their self-titled U.S. debut, hitting the streets next week. The guys said the song is definitely an extension of where they are going next.

"I think the songs suggest about our musical growth. We're always willing to change it up," Tom Parker shared. " 'Glad You Came' set the precedent for America, but we've got big songs like 'Warzone' in the U.K., which is going to be on the EP, and that's a ballad with dubstep — something that a boy band has never done before. And we took a bit of a risk. I think everyone loved it, so we like to take risks with our music."

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