Nicki Minaj Is 'Fine As Hell' In 'Beez' Video, 2 Chainz Says

'She felt more free, I felt more free, that's how you can see the camaraderie in the video,' 2 Chainz tells MTV News of Nicki's 'Beez in the Trap' clip.

While filming the "Beez in the Trap" video, it was hard for 2 Chainz to ignore all of Nicki Minaj's assets. Luckily, Deuce is a professional.

"I was like, 'Damn my little sister fine as hell,'" 2 Chainz told MTV News after a taping of MTV2's upcoming game show "Hip Hop Squares." Tity Boi then broke down his relationship with the Harajuku Barbie, one that dates back to around 2008. "I've known Nicki for a minute; I met her on the I Am Music Tour, the first leg with Wayne. It was cool, we had a great relationship, we used to talk, trip out here and there."

The "Beez" clip was shot in a strip club and features a bikini-clad Minaj counting hundred stacks. By the time 2 Chainz gets to his verse, Nicki grinds alongside him in leopard-print cat suit that accentuates her much-fawned-over rump. 2 Chainz attributes Nicki's comfort while doing her naughty dance to the closed set. "When it's closed off, she felt more free, I felt more free, that's how you can see the camaraderie in the video and how we just kinda vibing with each other," he said.

As for Nicki, the MC just wanted to salute all of the dancers who supported her as she was performing in strip clubs at the beginning of her career. "When I see the strippers and all of that, they always show me love, so I wanted to kinda make a video around them," the reigning rap queen said. "I hit up Benny Boom like, 'Yo, I need a sexy video right now.' I knew 2 Chainz wasn't gonna be mad."

Deuce, who is preparing his solo debut Based on a T.R.U. Story for an August release on Def Jam, didn't get to see the video while it was being edited but was very pleased with the result. "I just knew I got a little dance in on her and I'm glad they used it," he said. "She's very talented and I support what she's doin'."

In other Nicki news, the Young Money star disappointed millions of fans when she deactivated her Twitter account on Sunday after feuding with a fansite for posting snippets from her Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded LP . "Like seriously, its but so much a person can take. Good f--king bye," she wrote before vanishing from the social networking site.

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