Katy Perry's Hair History: Her Best Looks ... So Far!

After Perry tweeted that she's changed up her locks (again), MTV News remembers her more daring 'dos.

Breaking news: Katy Perry has changed her hair again!

The singer took to Twitter to announce that she's found a new hair color, but her fans will have to wait to find out what it is. "You know what's great about having poison oak?! NOTHING #itchgasm Somehow in the middle of all this... I found time to change my hair color," she wrote. "Finally... #takeaguess #foreverawalkingpantonepalette."

Despite not sharing too much about her hair color, she did offer up this tidbit of a tease about her current look: "Pretty stoked about my 90's The Craft meets Garbage meets Tank Girl meets early No Doubt meets Ty from Clueless lewk 4 dis wknd #ohmygoth."

Perry had famously been sporting berry-blue hair since January, changing the hue and length but maintaining indigo as the base, strutting her blue self all over carpets, hitting up events and wearing it in an ad campaign for Adidas.

"Of course, being Katy, she is a lot more edgy and she's cooler and she likes to take a lot of risks. And I love that she's like, 'I'm feeling a little blue, let's go blue' — not in her energy, just in her hair color," Perry's hair colorist, Rita Hazan, explained to MTV News. "I felt like it's the perfect color for her, because her eyes are blue and she has the perfect skin tone to be a really vibrant, really cool, intense blue."

Now, it seems that Perry has once again changed up her look — and Hazan said that's just Katy being Katy. "She's kind of this candy-coated sort of person," Hazan said. "It's nice to see her experiment with different things."

Fans might have to wait to see what Perry's latest look is, but to tide you over, MTV News has rounded up some of Perry's wildest, most memorable hairstyles — so far.

2010 Kids' Choice Awards

Perry kept it traditionally Katy, sporting what happens to be her signature look: black hair with cropped, Bettie Page-style bangs. To make the look even more Perry-fied, she graced the carpet in a multicolored, sparkly, showgirl-style bodysuit and sparkly heels.

2011 Grammys

In a particularly glam moment, Perry softened her sometimes-severe hair and went for soft waves. Sure, it was still jet-black, but the middle part and the curls fit the occasion, giving her a truly old school Hollywood look, certainly matching her angelic ensemble.

"Smurfs" Premiere

Later in 2011, Perry began to get more and more experimental with her hair color. Transitioning out of the black, Katy hit up the "Smurfs" red carpet in July surprisingly not in blue hair, but in an ombre look that faded from blonde to strawberry blonde. She paid homage to Smurfette by donning a sequined dress with the character's image on it.

2011 VMAs

Pulling a completely funky move on her way through the rainbow, shortly after the "Smurfs" premiere, she hit up the VMAs in late August with piercing pink hair. It was a look she adopted right before going blonde and then settling on the blue. Dressed up like a couture geisha, Perry's lavender-hued pink was flirty and fun.

2012 Kids' Choice Awards

Throwing her blue hair for a loop, Perry hit up the Kids' Choice Awards last month with a multihued ponytail. With touches of purple and blue, the neon hair recalled lots of the colors she had been sporting over the last few months, serving as the perfect farewell to this phase of her hair evolution. Plus, it just happened to go perfectly with her bright-green outfit.

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