Carly Rae Jepsen Finds Concept Of Giving Guys Her Number 'Terrifying'

'I'm going to be honest, I've never actually given a guy my number,' 'Call Me Maybe' singer tells MTV News.

Judging from the lyrics of Carly Rae Jepsen's hit single "Call Me Maybe," one would think that this former "Canadian Idol" contestant has all the confidence in the world when it comes to approaching guys.

"Hey, I just met you/ And this is crazy/ But here's my number/ So call me maybe," the Justin Bieber protégé sings on the track, which just hit number one in the U.K. So has Jepsen ever been brazen enough to give a guy her number?

"I'm going to be honest, I've never actually given a guy my number before 'cause I find the concept terrifying," Jepsen revealed to MTV News. "Which is kind of where the song sparked from, the idea of why this is so scary. It should be O.K."

Well, she may not be ready to give a guy her number, but that didn't stop her from walking up to a potential love interest and giving him a big kiss ... and then running away.

"I once did a kiss-and-run. I don't know what came over me — sometimes I just do things to scare myself," Jepsen said. "But there was a guy and I just went up to him and said hello, and he said hello and I'm like, 'Alright, well, I'm leaving now and it was really nice to meet you,' and I kissed him and then I left."

That wasn't the most surprising part of the encounter. Turns out, he was just as interested in Jepsen.

"Actually, it was a little bit of a romantic story," Jepsen said. "I was playing at the bar down the street and I put posters up in my neighborhood and he saw and he came to the bar and we ended up dating for month."

Sounds like something written for a movie, but Jepsen warns that you have to be prepared in case it doesn't all work out in the end. She divulged some key advice on what not to do when trying to pick up a guy.

"When picking up a guy, don't come on too strong if you don't feel like there's any signs that he's kind of into it. Probably not a good idea to approach it," Jepsen said. "Usually you can tell. They will play eyes at you, you'll play eyes at them and there will be that shy little smile. Then go for it."

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