Should Taylor Swift And One Direction's Harry Styles Date?

Fans had very strong reactions when MTV News reported about the rumored couple.

Are Taylor Swift and One Direction's Harry Styles a couple? They're not talking — but you certainly are.

On Wednesday, we posted some compelling evidence that Swift and Styles might be linked up (Exhibit A: This video, in which 1D rib their bandmate about Taylor during an MTV News interview), and fans certainly had their opinions on the potential pair.

Many readers chalked it up to one more dude caught in the Taylor Swift rumor mill. "I think it's time to stop the Taylor Swift likes whoever nonsense," BrianC6234 wrote in the MTV News comments section. "First of all, why does it matter? But even if you care, these rumors have all been false. Isn't she dating that guy from 'Les Miserables'? I mean Zac Efron. Wait, no, it's Tim Tebow. Get the point?"

"These rumors have always been wrong," WeeRu chimed in. "Chord Overstreet, that guy from Parachute, Zac Efron and now Harry Styles? I don't think so."

RachV2389 added: "Guy after guy. Well ... she hasn't had a song about a British boy yet!"

A lot of Taylor fans out there are hopeless romantics, just like their idol, and have their fingers crossed that the One Direction heartthrob is "The One" for Swift. "Harry is a good guy," xLara_Stylesx wrote. "If you watch all his videos you will see that he has a good personality. And Taylor deserves a boyfriend like him (:"

"I love them both," mrs.worldwide said. "It would be nice if they were together." (BTW, should we get started on the joint nickname? We're thinking Haylor or Swiftles.)

But it wasn't all roses and sunshine: Some short-and-not-so-sweet reactions to the news included "SWEET BABY JESUS NO" and "no, please no!"

"Heeeck no," Stephanie Lynn Roberts posted on MTV News' Facebook page. "Harry has class. TSwift would just break up with him to get a new hit song."

Some fans pointed out the age difference between the 18-year-old boy bander and 22-year-old country superstar. "Come on, Taylor, the kid is only 18," Ariela M. Garcia wrote, which prompted Facebook user Holly McQuithey to point out Styles' 32-year-old ex. "Harry dated Caroline Flack. There is no age limit for that boy. Let him be happy."

But one reader, MinkenGjerald, really made us laugh with their reason the couple will never work: "Well... no.. Harry is a sex bomb and Taylor is so innocent."

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