Boy-Band Romance Rumors: Joe Jonas Dating A Model?

As Jonas is photographed with Brazilian model Jessica Pott, rumors swirl about One Direction's Harry Styles and the Wanted's Max George.

For boy banders, it seems that spring has sprung and love is in the air. With so many rumors floating around, it seems like now is the time to do a Boy-Band Romance Report Card. So, MTV News has compiled a roundup of who's dating whom, who's nursing a broken heart and who is playing the field. Now, we'll quit playing games with your heart and dive right into all the juicy details:

Whom is Harry Styles Dating, Anyway?

These days, One Direction is pretty busy traveling the globe, touring and promoting their album Up All Night, so any rumors of their romantic escapades seem to be as fleeting as their stops in various ports of call.

In addition to chatter that Taylor Swift is crushing on him, American singer Lily Halpern opened up about the rumors she's seeing Harry. She confirmed seeing him when he was in NYC for the band's appearance on "Saturday Night Live," but did she confirm whether they are a couple?

"I met Harry through Big Time Rush. ... We've been friends ever since [we met in March]," she told E! News. "He's adorable. He's a great, great guy. Who doesn't have a crush on Harry Styles? He's great. He's a good friend. He's a very good friend. He's in Australia now. The time difference definitely makes it really hard ... so we haven't been able to talk on the phone or anything, but I've definitely heard from him."

"It's hard. ... I saw him this [past] weekend," the NYC-based singer said of watching "Flubber" with him during some off-time. "I haven't been able to see him that much. It would be very hard to have a relationship with someone [who travels a lot]. If he was here all of the time, things would probably be different, but we're friends for now."

One Direction will be back in the States next month for their U.S. tour.

Joe Jonas Has a New Lady?!?

Well, it seems Joe Jonas has a new lass in his life. The Jonas brother was photographed strutting around Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood with Brazilian model Jessica Pott. He has reportedly been seeing the catwalker since December, but the twosome has been pretty stealthy about avoiding being photographed together.

According to the Daily Mail, the two were first spotted together hanging in the Meatpacking District months ago, and her rep would only confirm, "They do know each other."

Jonas has been in and out of New York working his brothers, the currently single "How to Succeed" star Nick and married big bro Kevin, on their next album, a follow-up to 2009's Lines, Vines and Trying Times.

Is Max George Engaged?

The Wanted's resident bad boy recently confirmed that he's no longer betrothed to Brit actress Michelle Keegan, emphatically telling Ryan Seacrest, "No, no, no, not anymore" and adding that he is "absolutely" enjoying the benefits of his heartthrob status.

However, her rep tried to clarify their relationship status to the Mirror, noting they are together, despite what Max implied in his interview. "Michelle and Max are still very much together as a couple, but they are both traditionalists and realized that there is no point in being engaged until they are in a position to plan a wedding," the statement reads.

Perhaps they put off a wedding because Max has been very busy chasing success. The Wanted just shot a music video for their single "Chasing the Sun," and they will release their debut U.S. album on April 24.