Lady Gaga Under Fire After 'PopStarsDontEat' Comment

Pop star's post-workout tweet criticized by eating-disorder association.

What was clearly intended as a jokey tweet lamenting the rigorous diet and exercise routine she is currently undertaking to prepare for her 110-date Born This Way Ball has put Lady Gaga in the crosshairs of some angry fans and eating-disorder organizations.

On Tuesday, the pop star tweeted, "Just killed back to back spin classes. Eating a salad dreaming of a cheeseburger #PopSingersDontEat #IWasBornThisWay." Some fans thought the tweet wasn't exactly keeping with the pop star's "You're perfect the way you are" message and that her choice of the "#PopStarsDontEat" hashtag could be misinterpreted as encouraging eating disorders because she posits herself as a role model to her fans.

The National Eating Disorder Association even weighed in, hitting its own Twitter account to write, "Huh? This is the same person who recently implored girls to stop dieting?"

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While it seems clear that Gaga was joking — who hasn't dove into a salad wishing it was something else? — the comment does appear out of character for the star, who has spoken publicly about her own struggles with an eating disorder as a teen.

Using that particular hashtag might have been a poor choice, but it's safe to say Lady Gaga wasn't knowingly making light of eating disorders — and, otherwise, wasn't she mostly just encouraging exercise and healthy eating?

Gaga tweets often about all sort of less-than-healthful habits, from drinking ("after 12 margaritas my phone was confiscated") to, well, other things ("princess xena of xanaxland has lil secrets in her inbox"). Why she is being scrutinized for making an observation about something we already know — that celebrities engage in intense fitness regimens to meet the unrealistic expectations placed on their appearance — is kind of a mystery.

But, you know, totally appropriate and necessary reason for outrage, everyone.

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