One Direction Call Love From Katy Perry, Taylor Swift 'Really Exciting'

Collaborating with Rihanna would be 'incredible,' guys tell MTV News.

In addition to girls all across America, the fivesome of [artist id="3980817"]One Direction[/artist] are also winning the hearts of some of Hollywood's most A-list starlets and singers, who have been tweeting and talking about — and dancing to — the boy band now that they are keeping everyone Up All Night with their sunny pop tunes.

At the Kids' Choice Awards in March, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez were all spotted in the audience boogying to the band's single "What Makes You Beautiful."

And, Demi Lovato recently opened up about crushing on Niall Horan, saying, "He's so adorable!" and later tweeting, "And I totally just downloaded some One Direction songs ... #guilty."

When MTV News caught up with the fellas, they opened up about all the famous-female attention they've been receiving lately. "How cool was that?" Louis Tomlinson said of the KCA love.

"[It's] really exciting, I suppose," Liam Payne added. "And even following Katy Perry on the stage as well was a big thing for us. It's just amazing to be in the same room as these sort of people, for us to just come over from England and just be involved."

With so much love from celebrity fans, the guys are also feeling love for the ladies and appreciate the support they've been sending their way. Harry Styles explained, "I feel good. I think the people who were getting involved are all great performers, so for them to enjoy our performance was nice. ... Katy Perry was there, Selena Gomez. There was Ashley Tisdale. Taylor Swift was dancing as well."

As for which of those ladies would top their list of possible future collaborations, they said working with Perry or Rihanna would be "cool" and "incredible."

While they didn't mention working with Gomez in the future, One Direction had been rumored to be working with her beau, Justin Bieber, but they've since shot down talk that a duet is in the works.

"We actually went down to the studio to listen to some of Justin Bieber's tracks," Payne explained. "He invited us down, and we had a good listen, but there's no real collaboration or anything."

Who would you like to see One Direction collaborate with? Share your ideas below!