Jennifer Lopez Has History Of Flaunting Her Men In Videos

Following J.Lo's 'Dance Again' video with boyfriend Casper Smart, MTV News looks back at the singer's habit of enlisting real-life loves for videos.

If Jennifer Lopez's stylish video for "Dance Again" proves anything, it's that the diva must not be a fan of photo albums. We know what you're thinking: How did he get that out of J.Lo's glittery new clip? Well, it's the only explanation for why she has time and time again recruited her current boyfriend for a video.

It's a trend that dates back 16 years, to her appearance in Diddy's "Been Around the World." In the years since, ex-husband Cris Judd, former-fiancé Ben Affleck, baby daddy Marc Anthony and current boy toy Casper Smart have all made an appearance in at least one of her clips.

Let's take a look:

Diddy, "Been Around the World" (1997)

Diddy and the rest of the Bad Boy Family parachute in for some sort of lavish shindig at a Middle Eastern-looking palace, where a glammed-to-the-nines Lopez is the guest of honor. "He's so handsome and he moves so well," she coos to one of her servants before he saves her from being poisoned. Their chemistry was palpable onscreen and the pair began dating soon after. They were together for more than three years before parting ways in 2001.

Cris Judd, "Love Don't Cost a Thing" (2001)

Lopez didn't waste any time getting back into the dating game after ending her relationship with Diddy. On the set of the video for "Love Don't Cost a Thing," the lead single from her hit sophomore album J. Lo, she met dancer Cris Judd and sparks immediately started to fly. They were married on September 29, 2001, but the love didn't last long — the pair divorced the following June.

Ben Affleck, "Jenny From the Block" (2002)

Which was just in time for her to start seeing her "Gigli" co-star Ben Affleck. Well, depending on whom you ask, there might have been a little, um, overlap between the end of her marriage to Judd and the start of her relationship with Affleck. But whatever. Love, right? They adopted the name Bennifer and took over the tabloids with their combined fabulousness. But on the "Jenny From the Block" video, they wanted you to think they were normal. Sure, they frolicked on yachts and rode in Bentleys, but they pumped their own gas. But alas, Bennifer wasn't meant to be, and after "Gigli" bombed and they were swarmed with bad press, the pair went their separate ways.

Marc Anthony, "No Me Ames" (1999)

Lopez and her ex-husband Marc Anthony have a long history together. They reportedly dated before Anthony married his first wife, Dayanara Torres Delgado, perhaps around the time they recorded this song for Lopez's debut album. The track went on to receive two Latin Grammy nominations in 2000. Anthony's divorce from Delgado was finalized on June 1, 2004, and he married Lopez in secret just four days later at her Beverly Hills mansion. For much of their marriage, the pair maintained a pretty quiet life away from the media and kept their relationship out of the public eye — a marked difference from her previous flings. They also had two children, twins Max and Emme, now 4.

Casper Smart, "Dance Again" (2012)

Lopez and Anthony divorced in July 2011, and even though the tabloids would really like for them to be locked in some sort of constant feud over her decision to start dating backup dancer Casper Smart, things continue to seem amicable between the pair. (They even worked together after their separation on the Latin American program "¡Q'Viva! The Chosen.") At 42, Lopez is following in the grand tradition of divas dating younger men (Casper is just 24). In her new video, Smart is center-stage. He plays her love interest throughout, much flesh gets flashed, the whole thing is dripping in glitter. You get the idea.

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