DeAndre Brackensick: 'Idol' Viewers Love Or Hate My Voice

'Back in the day, everybody was a falsetto singer; it's just so unappreciated now,' latest castoff tells MTV News.

On Thursday night, "American Idol" bid adieu to its most follicly accomplished contestant, DeAndre Brackensick (no offense, Colton), who was given the boot following his performance of DeBarge's "I Like It."

After his exit, Brackensick spoke to MTV News, expressing "no regrets" about anything he did during his run on "Idol" and remaining adamant that his falsetto — which somewhat mystified mentor Jimmy Iovine — wasn't the reason for his departure.

"Everyone has their opinion; my voice is one of the voices where either you love it or you can't stand it, and I think Jimmy didn't really have a feel for my voice," he said. "But it's fine, because I take everything he does say to me to heart, and I try to put it toward the next performance. I have much love for Jimmy."

And in keeping with both the "no regrets" sentiment and his belief in doing things his way, Brackensick said that he didn't take his ouster — or the judges' refusal to save him (no matter how hard Jennifer Lopez protested) — personally. After all, he feels he can leave the show with his head held high.

"You always hope for the save, because [you] want to be with each other for another week," he sighed. "But the saves happen for a reason; I'd already been saved once, so I can't really be saved again. You only get so many chances in life. I'm just proud of myself and the accomplishments I've made already."

He's hoping he'll keep accomplishing things post-"Idol." Like, for example, bringing back the sweet falsetto sounds of classic R&B and the genuine emotion of music — both of which he said are sorely missed in today's music.

"That R&B soul is just lacking nowadays in music. Back in the day, everybody was a falsetto singer; it's just so unappreciated now," he said. "That was one of the reasons why I wanted to sing an Eric Benet song. There's so many talented people that are not getting the love they should, and I want to bring that old sound back. I don't even want to be a huge star. I just want music to be known, and I want messages to be getting through, like it was back in the day."

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