John Cena's 'Grind' Inspires Bumpy Knuckles

'I never met somebody so adamant about being better at what they do,' Bumpy tells 'RapFix Live' of his friend's dedication to rap.

Who says hip-hop can't bring people together? You wouldn't think that WWE star John Cena and rapper Bumpy Knuckles have very much in common, but the two friends found a mutual respect for each other thanks to music.

After meeting at a New York radio station years back, Bumpy helped coach Cena to become a better lyricist. Bump even appeared on several tracks from Cena and Tha Trademarc's 2005 debut rap album, You Can't See Me. "Me and him became real good friends," Bumpy said of Cena when he appeared on Wednesday's "RapFix Live."

While at the radio station, the two engaged in an arm-wrestling match, which "RapFix Live" host Sway said Bumpy won. After they exchanged numbers, the wrestling star sought out the rap veteran's help on the m-i-c. "John came to my studio, and from then on, it was over," Bump said. "I never met somebody so adamant about being better at what they do. John is a big inspiration in what I do, because I watch him, I watch his grind."

Bumpy gave Cena tips for the recording booth, helping him to find his voice. "John got in there, and he worked," he said. "Him and Trademarc, they're cousins, they both worked diligently at becoming better MCs."

Cena has a similar respect for Bumpy, who just released The Kolexxxion with DJ Premier. "There's a few guys that you don't mess with in the industry, and he's one of them, but on the real, one of those talented MCs in the game," Cena told MTV News during an interview earlier this month to promote his highly anticipated WrestleMania XXVIII match, which he lost to the Rock. "You get [Bumpy] in a verbal and physical confrontation, and you can never bet against him."

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