Far East Movement Congratulate Tokio Hotel On Musical March Madness

'If you die tomorrow, at least you won today,' Kev Nish says, making a reference to Far East's collaboration with TH frontman Bill Kaulitz.

Tokio Hotel's first 24 hours as Musical March Madness champions has already included some spirited back-and-forth between their Aliens and Green Day's rabid fanbase (check the comments of our title game recap for proof), a rather gracious acceptance speech from the Brothers Kaulitz, and now, a special shout-out from their pals in the Far East Movement.

Yes, when MTV News caught up with the fast-rising hitmakers on Wednesday, they were quick to praise Tokio Hotel for their MMM win ... and pimp their upcoming collaboration with Bill Kaulitz, too.

"Big congrats to Tokio Hotel, Bill Kaulitz and crew!" Far East's Kev Nish said. "If you die tomorrow, at least you won today."

See what he did there? For the uninitiated, "If I Die Tomorrow" is a song on Far East's upcoming Dirty Bass album, which features collabos with the likes of Justin Bieber, LMFAO's Redfoo and, of course, Kaulitz. And if featuring a member of TH on a track seems a bit off, well, let's let Nish explain how the whole thing came to be.

"When we first signed to Cherrytree [Records], we went on the website and see who's on the roster ... how do you pick what label to go to, you know?" he said. "And we saw Tokio Hotel, and we were like 'Yo, this band is wild.' We were on a bus watching them on the MTV Europe Awards, winning, and we were like, 'We need to do a song with those dudes.'

"So we got in with Bill Kaulitz and we just wanted to do a song about losing yourself, about possibly losing your mind, because you might die the next day," he continued. "It's called 'If I Die Tomorrow,' and it's Bill Kaulitz and his incredible tone in our dirty bass world ... and that's kind of where dirty bass is going: unexpected collaborations."

And given Tokio Hotel's big MMM win, we think this may be the first of many Kaulitz collaborations. After all, when you're on top, everyone wants a piece of you.