Tokio Hotel Call Musical March Madness Championship 'Totally Unexpected'

'That's just incredible, thank you so much for your support,' frontman Bill Kaulitz says in message to fans.

One day after upsetting Green Day and shocking the world in MTV's Musical March Madness championship game, Tokio Hotel are still basking in their post-title glow — and they want to share that happiness with their fans.

TH's Bill and Tom Kaulitz have just released a special video message to their Aliens around the world, thanking them for all their support and for helping guide them to the 2012 MMM championship.

"Hey, Aliens! We just heard we won MTV's Musical March Madness 2012.

... That's just incredible, thank you so much for your support, and it's unbelievable," frontman Bill said in the message. "I know it's been really, really hard because there's been so many great bands nominated ... totally unexpected."

Bill's brother Tom then chimed in — from behind the wheel of what appears to be a rather large SUV (championship swag!) — with a parting shot that's sure to anger plenty of fans of those other great bands, accusing them of attempting to bend the rules to bring Tokio Hotel down. But hey, he's a champ now, and he can pretty much do whatever he wants.

"And they tried to cheat!" Tom joked.

"And they tried to cheat," Bill laughed. "Thank you guys so much for voting! And we are so proud to have you guys, and we want to thank you for your patience. I know you're waiting for the new record and we're working on it really hard and we hope to see you guys pretty soon.

Thank you so much — we're really proud of you."

Unlike what 2010 MMM champs Coheed and Cambria did in their acceptance speech — 2011 champions Green Day didn't feel like making one, btw — Bill signed off by blowing a kiss to the camera (his brother flashed the peace sign) and giving one last "thank you" to the TH fans for their undying dedication.

And with that, the coronation was complete: Tokio Hotel reign supreme as MMM champs, and until someone knocks them off the throne in next year's tournament, well, let's just say we could be seeing a whole lot more kisses being blown. It's apparently the European way to celebrate a championship title.

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