'Titanic 3D': The Reviews Are In!

Critics are overwhelmingly impressed with James Cameron's 3-D conversion.

James Cameron has never been known for taking things halfway, and the new 3-D conversion of his epic "Titanic" is no exception.

Cameron and his team spent years adding computer-generated depth to each frame to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the tragedy. When the director screened [article id="1672326"]20 minutes of footage[/article] for journalists last October, they responded with warm reviews, but now the final product is ready to set sail.

Cameron has always stood by 3-D technology for film, through seemingly endless criticism, and now the reviews for his latest 3-D product are coming in as raves.

Drew McWeeny from HitFix doled out high praise for "Titanic 3D," calling it "the very best 3-D conversion of a film that I've seen so far." Though the quality of the 3-D impressed McWeeny overall, he concluded that nothing about the new version of "Titanic" is really that different. "Adding 3-D to that works technically, but I'm not sure it changed anything, one way or another, emotionally," he said.

When converting a film as iconic as "Titanic," expectations for the re-release can be very high. Lou Lumenick from the New York Post applauded Cameron's use of 3-D, saying that it even enhanced the quality of the film. "James Cameron's spectacular new 3-D version of 'Titanic' is everything I'd hoped for, and more," Lumenick said. "He judiciously — and sometimes with great subtlety — uses the technology to make a great film even greater."

Lumenick said he found "Titanic 3D" "less of a strain on the eyes" than Cameron's "Avatar."

While most 3-D movies come with complaints from the critics, post-conversion tends to suffer a worse fate. Scott Mantz from "Access Hollywood," however, wrote that the post work on "Titanic" surpasses even films made for the format. "But what's amazing is that for a movie that was shot in 2-D, 'Titanic' looks amazing in 3-D — almost like it was meant to be in 3-D all along."

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