Shifty Shellshock In A Coma

Former 'Celebrity Rehab' star and Crazy Town singer in ICU.

VH1 "Celebrity Rehab" star and former Crazy Town singer Shifty Shellshock is reportedly in a coma in a Los Angeles hospital after his admission last week to the intensive care unit.

TMZ reported that Shellshock (born Seth Binzer), 37, entered the ICU last Thursday and is currently in an unresponsive state. At press time there was no information on what sent him to the hospital, but unnamed sources close to the singer speculated that it was drug-related.

The troubled singer was slated to appear in court his week for a pre-trial hearing stemming from a cocaine-related arrest in February. Last March he was arrested after police responded to a domestic violence call and officers realized he had outstanding warrants for an unrelated case.

Shellshock co-founded the rap-pop group Crazy Town in 1999 with pal Bret Mazur. They hit it big with their bubbly hit "Butterfly"
 in 2001 from their debut album, The Gift of Game. It would prove to be the peak of their career, as their follow-up, 2002's more rock-oriented Darkhorse failed to connect with fans.

While his guest vocals on superstar DJ Paul Oakenfold's 2002 hit "Starry Eyes Surprise" helped turn that song into a global hit, Shifty released a solo album in 2004 called Happy Love Sick that flopped. Crazy Town briefly reunited in 2007, but never finished a promised third album.

In the interim, Shifty made more headlines for his chaotic personal life, which included police calls for domestic disturbances, multiple trips to rehab for his ongoing drug addiction and a number of drug-related heath scares. He checked into the first season of VH1's "Celebrity Rehab" show, then returned near the end of season 2 after his addictions got the best of him again. He also appeared in the first two seasons of the spin-off show "Sober House," during which viewers saw him continue to battle his drug demons over the course of multiple relapses.

A spokesperson for VH1 told MTV News, "Our thoughts and prayers are with Shifty and his family at this difficult time."