Rihanna, Katy Perry Express 'Inner Crazy' With Wild Hair

'There are no rules,' Perry's hairstylist, Rita Hazan, tells MTV News of the pop divas' latest looks.

This weekend, two of pop's biggest trendsetters — Katy Perry and Rihanna — debuted some new looks.

Rihanna, who had been rocking a shaggy blond style, showed off her new black hair. But it wasn't just the color that was eye-catching: RiRi also shaved off the side of her hair, which she was wearing long and wavy.

Perry, meanwhile, went super long. After sporting a cropped blue 'do since January, the singer donned a long blue ponytail with purple highlights when she hit up the Kids' Choice Awards on Saturday.

But Katy and Rihanna are hardly the only pop stars to rock crazy hair. Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha — who recently attached metal studs to her head — are all known for their wild hairstyles. So why are pop stars getting so kooky when it comes to their hair?

Perry's hairstylist, Rita Hazan, explained to MTV News: "Some of the '80s is back, those vibrant colors and neon colors. I think girls are a little more relaxed into bringing their inner self out, their inner crazy. It's not so structured, [like] you have to be pretty and fit into this mold. I love women embracing their inner crazy and making it work for them."

These days, Hazan said, "There are no rules and it doesn't seem like it's organized or styled," adding, "Each person has their own individual personality and they rock [it] and it works for them. It's nice to see women embracing themselves in that way."

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