Demi Lovato Declares Her Love In 'Heart A Break' Video

Just-released clip follows Demi as she tries to repair her rocky relationship.

Demi Lovato may be nursing a broken heart in her "Give Your Heart a Break" video, but that doesn't mean she's going to let her boy get away that easily.

In the clip released Monday (April 2), Demi and her video boyfriend may have hit a relationship stumbling block, but the singer has found the way to let him know she loves him.

"The new music video, I'm basically trying to convince a guy that I didn't break his heart, and we get into a fight and I try to win him over again," Demi told MTV News recently. "I do something special for him at the end of the song."

The video opens with the couple talking on the phone, and it's clearly about something serious. When Demi starts looking at photos of the twosome in happier times, viewers accompany her on a trip down memory lane with shots of the two cuddling, painting together, sharing flirty glances, dancing and strolling in the sun.

When Demi isn't reminiscing, she's strolling down the street, her bag of photographic evidence that they are perfect for one another hanging on her shoulder. So, what will she do with those photos?

Like a scene out of a good romantic comedy, she makes a collage on the brick wall opposite his apartment window, an endless number of photos that combine to create a portrait of them smiling. Demi, knowing it will work, struts away from the scene of her declaration of love, with an all-knowing smirk on her face.

"Heart a Break" is the second single off what Lovato calls her "upbeat and uplifting" Unbroken album. "I didn't want to come out with this depressing album. I think it's important that I kept a lot of my heart open on the album because I talked about my personal issues," she told MTV News of the 2011 release. "But I also had some fun dance songs on there for people to enjoy."

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