deadmau5 Signees Foreign Beggars Prepping New Album

'To get support from like somebody like deadmau5 is really cool,' Beggars' MC Orifice Vulgatron tells MTV News.

After catching 12th Planet's recent SMOG vs. Basshead show at Mekka in Miami — a steamy hard-hitting bass affair that saw U.K. rappers Foreign Beggars join John Dadzie over the course of his hour-long set — MTV News ventured backstage to catch up with the guys and learn a thing or two.

"They're working on an album right now for Deadmau5's label, so I'm trying to get on the production cred," 12th revealed of his friends from across the pond seated beside him.

"Yeah! We asked you, bruv!," MC Orifice Vulgatron teased. "Where's the beats, fam? Where's the beats, bruv? We've been asking for beats for months, yeah?"

"Well, I started a beat!" 12th laughed back.

"It's all good because I know John's been busy and stuff," Beggars' MC Metropolis offered. "He's been working so hard, for so long, and now that you got some time off, there's no more excuses, isn't it, fam?"

"True!" 12th agreed.

"There's space for three more tracks on the album," revealed OV.

For those not in the know, Foreign Beggars are a hip-hop outfit consisting of MCs Metropolis and OV, producer Dag Nabbit and DJ Nonames. Through their nine-year career in the music game in the U.K., they have swung from hip-hop beginnings to a series of grimey, bassey dubstep releases, working with the likes of Skrillex, Noisia and Flux Pavilion, to name a few. Now the Beggars have been given the official co-sign by

Deadmau5 himself: Their fourth album will be released by Mau5trap, likely in May.

"We are from a rap background," OV said, "so us getting recognized by the dance-music world has been something recent. We've always had a passion and done it, but it's only recently that we've really started getting recognition in the EDM scene. And to get the co-sign and the support from somebody like Deadmau5 is really cool."

"I know that Joel [Zimmerman, a.k.a. deadmau5] listens to everything that comes through that label," Metropolis added. "And he was really open-minded and he wanted us to do us. So it's really reassuring to know that guys up there like that are really appreciating all the new forms of music that's coming out. I think that just reflects the ways that all the genres are mixing now, and everyone is listening to everything."

Foreign Beggars' first single, "Palm of My Hand," recently

target="_blank">leaked with Kidkanevil on production.

"It's just like an underground rap track," OV said of "POMH." "It's like this wonky post-Dilla production. Mau5trap and them were like, 'Do what you want to do,' so we were like, 'Bang. Let's make some hip-hop.' "

Fans can expect production from


Party, Alix Perez, Burns, Starkey and 12th Planet on Foreign Beggars' fourth album.