'X Factor' Finalist Marcus Canty's New Single 'Strictly For The Ladies'

While 'Won't Make a Fool Out of You' will appear on 'Think Like a Man' soundtrack, Canty is also at work on debut LP.

He may have finished in fourth place on "The X Factor," but Marcus Canty should definitely consider himself a winner. Earlier this year, the R&B singer signed a deal with mentor L.A. Reid at Epic Records, along with fellow contestants Chris Rene and Astro, and now he has just released his first single, "Won't Make a Fool Out of You."

The smooth ballad, which shows off Canty's vocal strength, will be featured on the soundtrack to the film "Think Like a Man," but Canty promises he was thinking only of the ladies when making the song.

"This is strictly for the ladies," Canty told MTV News. "What the fellas can do with this, you can take it and play it for your ladies, you can wind down, you can dance to it."

Canty, who revealed that he will soon be shooting a video for the single, is still in the studio putting the finishing touches on his debut album, with help from his "X Factor" mentor, Reid.

"L.A Reid has been such a great mentor. He's loved the records that I've cut so far — he's enjoying it," Canty said. "He just wants me to continue to be myself. I just like to have fun. I want to make good music — I want to be somebody. He always tells me, 'Don't let anyone take away your joy.' That's what will carry me for a long time."

There was, however, a time when Canty wasn't experiencing a whole lot of joy in his life, when he broke up with a longtime girlfriend. Yet he turned his pain into inspiration for his upcoming album.

"Growing up, I had this girl. I was young, but I was so in love, from the third grade until probably right before the show, a year before the show, and I was heartbroken," Canty revealed. "Definitely even the single, when I was in the studio recording it, I try to envision a specific person when I'm singing a song, so then when I'm singing it, you'll feel what I'm saying."

Canty, who wowed crowds on the "X Factor" stage singing everything from Michael Jackson to Janis Joplin, is now ready to show everyone who he really is.

"It's going to be some heat. My album can touch a lot of different basics. I want to make good music [that] people can relate to, and I think my album is a cluster of a lot of different things," Canty said.

"I'm a regular guy, but when it comes to the stage and when it comes to recording, when it comes to my music, I'm super-passionate about it. I take my music so serious."

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