One Direction's Super Saturdays: Kids' Choice And 'SNL'

Niall Horan gushes to MTV News about the British boy band's big American TV performances.

For the next two Saturdays, you won't be able to turn on a TV without coming across One Direction. The British boy band will take the stage this Saturday for the Kids' Choice Awards, and next Saturday, they'll be the musical guest on "Saturday Night Live."

"We're gonna be in L.A. for the Kids' Choice Awards. We're doing a big performance with that," Niall Horan told MTV News about the annual Nickelodeon awards show. "Kids' Choice is the biggest night on Nickelodeon, and all the big stars are going to be there, and when we found out it was just us and Katy Perry performing, we were like, 'Geez, this is a big deal.' "

Once they wrap up that gig, the guys will have a few days to prep for their "SNL" debut, another big moment that proves the chart-topping Brits are taking America by storm.

"We obviously get American TV in the U.K., and I've watched 'Saturday Night Live' before ... and 'Saturday Night Live' is a big, big deal, everyone knows that. And when we got invited on, we couldn't believe it," Horan said. "Again, we haven't spent a lot of time here, so a lot of people don't know who we are, so to be invited on such a prestigious American show is pretty amazing."

Horan said he'd love the chance to show off his funny side with "SNL" stars Kristin Wiig and Bill Hader, if given the chance. "We heard there could be a possibility [that] 'Saturday Night Live' comes with a skit. We're up for it," he said. "We'd love to do something like that. Nothing has come up, but if it comes up, that's part of the 'Saturday Night Live' experience to do one of their skits."

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