50 Cent Says 'Pauly D Project' Is For 'Every College Student'

MTV star's label boss says Pauly D fans will 'get a chance to go into his world' on his 'Jersey Shore' spin-off.

Pauly D is ready to launch the next phase of his career with his MTV spin-off, the "Pauly D Project." It follows the "Jersey Shore" star outside of Seaside Heights as he travels the world with his tight-knit crew as an in-demand DJ, getting into fun-loving shenanigans and, yes, some fights here and there.

The whirlwind lifestyle is captured and fans will get the chance to hit party hotspots throughout the world with the star. And they'll get to see him hang out with his celebrity pals like former tourmate Britney Spears and G-Note record label boss, 50 Cent.

When MTV News caught up with 50 while promoting his Street King energy drink with Pauly D in New York City, the MC dished a bit about what fans should expect from his pal on the highly anticipated show.

"Well, Pauly D's show is gonna be as — I don't want to say more exciting than 'Jersey Shore' — I'll say as exciting as 'Jersey Shore' to maintain the audience that 'Jersey Shore' had by itself," he said. "He has a lot going on right now, and they'll get a chance to go into his world, as far as his DJing and a lot of things he's actually doing."

"It's a lot of the lifestyle," the rapper added. "Every college student in the world's gonna love this television show."

The "Pauly D Project" kicks off Thursday at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT. It follows the new season of "Punk'd," which will include appearances from celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato.

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