Happy Birthday, Lady Gaga! 26 Letters For 26 Years

For Mother Monster's big day, here's an A-to-Z guide for all things Gaga.

[artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] turned 26 years young on Wednesday (March 28), and to help celebrate, MTV News drew up a handy A-to-Z guide touching on some of the most exciting things to come from Mother Monster. Read on and share your birthday wishes for the pop princess!

A: April 27. On that day, Gaga will launch what's sure to be one of the year's most spectacular spectacles at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul, Korea, which brings us to ...

B: ... Born This Way Ball! We were there when Gaga announced the name of the tour in Atlantic City, New Jersey, last year, and it has been hinted that we can expect an "electro pop opera." She had us at "opera."

C: Castle. Mother Monster tweeted an image of the stage design for the tour, and the elaborate gothic castle has us excited.

D: "Dark." Gaga's former creative director, Laurieann Gibson, opened up just last week about why she parted ways with the pop star, telling "ET Canada" that Gaga's ideas "got a little dark for me creatively."

E: Elton John. The godmother to John's adopted son, Gaga has teased a duet with the "Rocket Man" singer for her next album.

F: Fernando Garibay. The musical director behind Born This Way told MTV News that the new album already has a title and concept.

G: Gothic. Veils, brooches and lots of black: Gaga has adopted a gothic theme for her tour, but also in her fashion choices.

H: "Heavy Metal Lover." This jam has been begging for radio play; at the very least, the BTW cut should make it to the tour set list.

I: Inez & Vinoodh. The Dutch photography duo were heavily involved in the spectacle surrounding Gaga's "Yoü and I" video, crafting awesome fashion clips after the official music video.

J: Joanne. Lady Gaga's parents recently opened this Italian trattoria, named for Gaga's late aunt, on New York City's Upper West Side.

K: Kinney, as in Taylor Kinney. The beautiful man who played Gaga's love interest in the "Yoü and I" video is rumored to be her real-life love interest too.

L: Luc Carl. Gaga must still be on good terms with her ex-BF, because she recently tweeted a shout-out to him when he published his new book, "The Drunk Diet."

M: Monster Pit. The special enclosed space within the Born This Way Ball stage where lucky Monsters who line up for hours, even days, before the show will be able to take in the concerts.

N: Nicola Formichetti. The singer's new creative director will be her co-HBIC for the foreseeable future.

O: Oprah. The talk-show queen is Gaga's new BFF, pretty much. She even tapped the OWN network boss to interview her not long after they launched Gaga's anti-bullying-focused Born This Way Foundation together.

P: Piano. One of the best parts of the Monster Ball was when Gaga would slow things down, chatting with the crowd and showing off her raw talent at the piano.

Q: Quinceañera. Gaga's one-word Twitter response to a Little Monster who asked how she would celebrate her 26th birthday this year, never mind that it's the kind of party reserved for 15-year-olds. They grow up so fast.

R: Red Wine. Widely known to be Mother Monster's alcoholic beverage of choice, alongside whiskey and beer.

S: "Stuck on F---in' You." This unreleased and unedited track was leaked by Gaga herself as a Christmas gift to her Little Monsters. She recorded the naughty song on her tour bus last go-round. Can we get another?

T: Tea. Gaga's non-alcoholic beverage of choice, about which she recently tweeted a lesson she learned: #KettlesAreForTeaNotFashion.

U: Unicorns. The mythical creatures may not exist, but Gaga swoons for them, and why not? Fantasy is as important to her as reality.

V: Video Music Awards. Is it too early to begin the campaign for her to blow our minds again at the 2012 VMAs? We'd even settle for Jo Calderone again.

W: Wigs. Her supply is never-ending and will likely continue to fascinate us right on through her 26th year.

X: "Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson." Amazing photo book. Seriously, check it out.

Y: Yuyi. Will the mermaid join Gaga on tour this year? As long as the tour bus is sea-creature-friendly.

Z: Z100 Jingle Ball. In December, Gaga performed a short-but-captivating set at New York City's Madison Square Garden that gave us a peek at what's to come on the Born This Way Ball.