Madonna Embraced By Ultra Music Fest All-Stars

'I think Madonna always looks for the new, fresh thing,' Tiësto tells MTV News about the Queen of Pop.

Madonna made a splash when she took the stage alongside Avicii at the Ultra Music Festival last weekend, and her appearance there has continued to garner headlines, in part thanks to a now-deflated feud with Deadmau5. But the buzz about the Queen of Pop co-signing EDM in such a major way is not lost on the genre's shiniest stars.

"It was one of the big highlights of my career, not to mention of my entire lifetime," Avicii told MTV News about Madge's cameo at the annual dance music festival in Miami. Her love affair with the genre continues to grow, and evidenced by MDNA's pulsing beats, dark electronic melodies and sexy anthems about finding love on the dance floor.

"I think Madonna always looks for the new, fresh thing," Tiësto told MTV News in Miami. "And she's always been about what I always [say,] 'Don't imitate, innovate.' And she's always been at the top of her game ... and I'm very curious to see what she's up to next, but I can only respect her that she's been around so many years. It's an inspiration."

In addition to Orbit, Madonna has worked with other EDM all-stars, including Benny Benassi and Martin Solveig. And it's those ties that bind her so closely to the genre.

"I think Madonna's always flirted with dance music, even from the beginning," Tommy Trash explained. "Like all that '80s stuff, you know? I think what she's doing is great; she's like a legend and I'd love to work with her."

That history with dance music is not lost on BBC Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong. "I think she's been, from the very first day I heard about her, she was on the dance floor at Danceteria, [the] legendary club in New York City," he recalled. "Every single record, she has embraced the dance culture, or one element of it of the day, throughout her career."