Justin Bieber In Hot Water After Phone Number Prank

After Bieber allegedly tweeted nine digits of a Texas phone number, two local residents are threatening legal action.

Earlier this month, Justin Bieber decided to have a little fun with his 19 million Twitter followers when he posted a mysterious phone number and told them "call me right now."

In the tweet — which has since been deleted (but can be seen here ... with the number blocked out) — Bieber included just nine digits of a Texas number, leaving the true Beliebers to figure out the rest ... which, not surprisingly, caused some headaches for folks who had similar numbers. And now, two of them reportedly have threatened legal action.

According to TMZ, a pair of Texas residents (a woman named Dilcie and a man named Kent) have hired an attorney, claiming that since the tweet, their phones have been ringing non-stop. And they're seeking compensation from Bieber for his "reckless" behavior.

The attorney tells the site that her clients received more than 1,000 phone calls from Bieber fans, at all hours of the day, and their patience "wears thin." So they're looking for restitution, which could come in any number of forms: An apology from JB himself, concert tickets for Dilcie's grandchildren, an endorsement for Kent's "upcoming online project," or — of course — cold, hard cash.

Kent, who doesn't want his last name to be revealed, subsequently told ABC News that he's had his number for 20 years, and he doesn't want to change it just because of Bieber. Of course, there is a question about whether Justin's initial tweets were even authentic, or if his account was somehow hacked. A spokesperson for the singer did not respond to MTV News' request for comment by press time.