Justin Bieber Channels Justin Timberlake On 'Boyfriend'

Lead Believe single dropped at midnight on Monday.

Tween dream swagger is all over Justin Bieber's lead Believe single, "Boyfriend." Taking several cues from Justin Timberlake's early post-'NSYNC work, the track amps up Bieber's credibility as a teen idol and remixes it with the type of production work longtime pop music fans can appreciate.

Lyrically, it sounds a bit silly at times (like when Bieber proposes he and his girl eat fondue by the fire), but Bieber's delivery of the lines proves that at 18, he's willing to take the steps to move forward in the world of pop. Sometimes it seems a little too similar to the way the other Justin delivers lines, but "Boyfriend," co-produced and co-written by Mike Posner, is light-years beyond the sugary sweet "Baby."

The song opens pretty sparsely, with just a thumping beat, a "woo" noise and Bieber's sing-songy rap, before a guitar comes in as Bieber makes his plea to win a girl over. The chorus will have girls dancing around thanks to its bumping beat and chugging R&B-influenced instrumentation. He sings, "I could be a gentleman/ Everything you want/ If I was your boyfriend/ I'd never let you go/ I'd never let you go," before rapping, "Tell me what you like."

Bieber uses some form of the word "swag" no fewer than four times on the track, including the somewhat perplexing line, "Swag, swag, swag on you." But regardless of what Bieber detractors might have to say, his Beliebers, who have aged right along with their idol, will appreciate his more grown-up sound on the record.

The song officially dropped at midnight on Monday. Believe will be released later this year. As for the video, his manager, Scooter Braun, tweeted that it's already in the works.

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