The Wanted Keeping U.S. Debut Album 'Upbeat'

New single, 'Chasing the Sun,' is in 'same vein as 'Glad You Came,' ' Tom Parker tells MTV News.

The Wanted will officially drop their U.S. debut album next month. They've been busy in the studio working on tracks to follow up their smash single, "Glad You Came." And with so much enthusiasm coursing through America for boy bands, the guys are looking forward to launching this next phase in their careers.

"You know, I think from the start when we were in the U.K. we got our first single, which was 'All Time Low,' and it set itself up," Tom Parker told MTV News about the band's control over their music. "And we all agree on a certain sound and 'Glad You Came' was probably as [far as] we went in terms of difference in sound, but we all kind of come to an agreement to keep it upbeat, usually."

Parker adds that when they do stray from that sound it doesn't always work out. "We did a ballad and it wasn't that great, if I'm honest with you," he said. "We've got a new one called 'Chasing the Sun,' which is gonna go out to radio soon, so look out for it. It's in the same vein as 'Glad You Came'; it's upbeat."

Now that they are knee-deep in getting their U.S. debut together, Jay McGuiness explains that despite the size of the group, the guys make decisions pretty easily. "We're all pretty laid-back in coming to a decision that we all agree with," he said. "We're not gonna lie: Two years ago we were bitches to the record label, but now we've grown enough. We know what we're doing now. We're enjoying ourselves."

And that means that they are aiming to make something that will get American audiences pumped. Siva Kaneswaran added, "To be in the U.S. is amazing, but just as long as we go out there and be ourselves and the U.S. takes us as we are, we're just coming over here to have a laugh."