Tyler, The Creator To Shoot 'Analog 2' And '50' Videos Next

Odd Future head reveals on 'RapFix Live' that MellowHype's '50' is on the production schedule.

There is no video director in the game quite like Tyler, the Creator.

As Wolf Haley, the Odd Future head has already put out a number of memorable vids, including his critically acclaimed "Yonkers," which helped him win a VMA in 2011. Most recently, Wolf directed and dropped two videos off OFWGKTA's new album, The OF Tape, Vol. 2 — "Rella" and "NY (Ned Flander)" — and he's now debating which track he should shoot next.

"I kinda wanna do 'Analog 2' for sure, but the MellowHype '50' song, I have an idea for that that would be awesome," Tyler said when he and the rest of the OF crew appeared on Wednesday's "RapFix Live." "That song, just g--damn, that song's crazy."

"Analog 2" is a Frank Ocean- and Syd Tha Kid-assisted sequel to the original track that appeared on Tyler's Goblin album last year — well, kind of.

"I didn't go in to make a sequel for a song, I just went in to make a song and I didn't have a name for it and just called it that," Tyler said. "That wasn't intentional to be part two, I just called it that because I couldn't come up with another name and I was lazy."

There are some distinct similarities between the two songs, however. On "Analog 2," Frank Ocean lovingly sings, "Could you can meet by the lake," echoing the words that Tyler utters on the hook of the original "Analog."

"It wasn't that I was gonna make a part two to this, nah, it was just not being creative," Tyler insisted.

Wolf wouldn't give up any details on his video treatments, though, saying he had to protect his ideas. "See, I can't tell you. I don't tell my business like that, son," he said. "I might say some sh--, then some n---a might steal that idea, put that sh-- out and then I'm f---ed."

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