Game Didn't 'Hold Back Anything' On 'Behind the Music'

'My life is an open book,' rapper says about tonight's VH1 special.

Whether through his music or interviews, [artist id="1340778"]Game[/artist] is an open book. The Compton, California, rapper has been candid about his gang affiliations, his tumultuous family life and his beef with rival rappers like 50 Cent.

Tonight (March 22) at 9 p.m. ET, Game will once again open up on a new episode of VH1's critically acclaimed show "Behind the Music."

"I think it's real big, and I'm so appreciative for VH1 just reaching out to us and sort of just championing my career and appreciating me," Game told MTV News this morning.

Game is a big fan of the show, which has famously profiled musicians like Bon Jovi, Mary J. Blige and Game's mentor Dr. Dre. "I've seen a lot of episodes that were about figures that I thought to be bigger than life. I didn't think I was halfway there, just 30, and still trying to find my way through hip-hop," he said.

When the show airs, the "Hate It or Love It" rapper will watch on television like so many of his fans. "I haven't seen any edits or anything. I'm just gonna sit on the couch and watch it with the fam," he said. "They are so thorough in their interviews and the people they talk to. They went back from the early stages of my life, even earlier from before I was born. They talked to my mom, my parents, my grandmother, so I think there are a lot of things that will be uncovered [that] people will appreciate knowing."

Nas will also be a subject of a "Behind the Music" episode this season, and when thinking about himself in relation to the Queensbridge MC, Game imagines that he is much more open than his friend and frequent collaborator.

"I didn't hold back none. You know me; I don't hold back anything," he said. "I can see Nas being a little bit guarded. ... You know, Nas is a bit of a thinker. Me, I'm just a little more wild and reckless, so, you know, my life is an open book."

Don't miss Game's "Behind the Music" tonight at 9 p.m. ET on VH1.