Tyler, The Creator's Wolf Album Might Be A Few Years

After Bastard and Goblin, Odd Future MC tells 'RapFix Live' that he doesn't have a release date for Wolf.

Tyler, the Creator made strides when he released his sophomore album, Goblin, last year.

Anchored by the singles "Sandwitches" and "Yonkers," which helped earn the de facto Odd Future leader a VMA, Tyler's Goblin only raised the expectations for his next solo album, Wolf. If the title track from Tyler's 2009 debut, Bastard, is any indication, then Wolf will stand as the third album in the MC/producer's thematic trilogy — maybe.

"Dude, I don't know," Tyler said on "RapFix Live" when asked about a release date for the LP.

Bastard's title track begins with a skit in which fictional therapist Dr. TC tells Tyler he is committed to three sessions. Dr. TC then appears again at the top of Goblin and throughout the album. Tyler says that he didn't plan for it to be a trilogy; that's just the way things worked out. "It might not even be a trilogy," he said. "I might do the third [album of the] trilogy years from now."

The entire Odd Future collective released The OF Tape, Vol. 2, and after that, they will surely continue to release individual and smaller group projects.

Left Brain and Hodgy Beats as MellowHype contribute the rambunctious "50" to Vol. 2, but don't be surprised if the track ends up on their upcoming Numbers album. "We got some MellowHype jump-offs on the new album that might still go on the new MellowHype album," Left Brain confirmed.

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