Odd Future's Domo Genesis Recalls Awkward Wiz Khalifa Meeting

'I knew he was gonna bring up the Rolling Papers thing,' Domo tells 'RapFix Live' of his and Wiz giving their albums the same name.

It was August 2010 when Odd Future's Domo Genesis released his debut album, Rolling Papers, as a free Internet download, so when Wiz Khalifa announced that he would be releasing an LP with the same name a few months later, the rambunctious OFWGKTA crew of course took exception.

"Everyone on my friends list, tell that n---a Wiz Khalifa to give @damiergenesis his f---ing album title back. Wolf Gang," Tyler, the Creator tweeted back in January 2011 after Khalifa announced his Rolling Papers LP.

The two have since put the drama behind them and even recorded and released their collaborative "Ground Up" last month. "We were both at the same studio in Santa Monica, and I just so happened to walk past him and I went into their — I don't know, sh-- just randomly happened," Domo said when he and his merry band of OF misfits appeared on Wednesday's "RapFix Live."

Last September, Taylor Gang producer Cardo contributed "Shine" to Domo's Under the Influence album, and he also made the beat for Domo and Khalifa's first collab. DG admitted that at first his interactions with Wiz were awkward, but they ultimately vibed over the dreamy beat.

If the MCs' first meeting was awkward, their first collaboration is anything but. Domo sets things off rapping about the changes he's experienced since earning his hip-hop stripes. He's clearly proud of all that he's done, and Wiz's chorus and song-closing verse echo the same sentiment, reminding rivals that he is self-made. "Everything you see, I did it on my own," Khalifa harmonizes on the hook.

"The beat that I had was originally just for me, and I played it for him and he really liked it, so he jumped on it," Domo said while fighting off his buddy Earl Sweatshirt, who kept interrupting.

"I knew he was gonna bring up the Rolling Papers thing, and it came up. It was cool — it happened a long time ago," Domo said before Earl chimed in with a question of his own.

"So y'all friends now?" Earl asked.

Looks like it!