Are One Direction Getting Their Own Nickelodeon Show?

Niall Horan tells MTV News nothing is set in stone, but teases Kids' Choice Awards performance and 'iCarly' appearance.

Now that One Direction are officially taking over the American pop scene, it seems that they are also being embraced by the bigwigs over at Nickelodeon. Having toured with network stars Big Time Rush, the five lads from the U.K. insist that rumors of their own show on Nick have been greatly exaggerated.

"We've just been doing stuff with Nickelodeon. They've been brilliant to us; they've been really good to us. There's no sign of a TV show," Niall Horan told MTV News. "We haven't heard anything. We're obviously doing the Kids' Choice [Awards] and stuff, but there's no deal been done or anything [for a show]. They're just kind of helping us out, I suppose."

That help includes an appearance on one of the network's biggest shows, "iCarly." "We had a lot of fun doing that. [Nick] put us on an episode of 'iCarly' as a guest appearance. First time we've ever done any acting, by the way, and if it comes out bad, we're very sorry," Horan joked. "But we think it's going to be really fun — it was really fun to make. And all the cast, it was really easy to work with them. They made us feel really comfortable. After a couple of takes, it was quite easy. The fans really reacted to the 'iCarly' thing."

Before that episode airs, the guys will take the stage at the KCAs, airing March 31. It's an honor they aren't taking lightly. "We're gonna be in L.A. for the Kids' Choice Awards. We're doing a big performance with that," he said. "Kids' Choice is the biggest night on Nickelodeon, and all the big stars are going to be there, and when we found out it was just us and Katy Perry performing, we were like, 'Geez, this is a big deal.' "

With so much attention on the small screen here in States, what are their U.S. fans like? "American fans are very, very loud," he said. "Everyone in America is very enthusiastic."

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