Kim Kardashian Shoots Down Kanye West, Baby Rumors

'We've been friends for years,' Kim tells Ryan Seacrest of talk that she's dating the rapper.

These days, it seems that wherever Kim Kardashian goes, the rumors and drama follow. The E! reality star recently found herself feuding with Jon Hamm after the "Mad Men" star made some negative comments about her in an interview with Elle UK. On Tuesday (March 20), Kardashian addressed the actor's comments and more during a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest.

"I just feel like, to be honest, it's all about trying to stay focused and keep everything positive," she said about wanting to move on from the Hamm story." It really takes a lot more energy and effort to be harsh than to say something nice and be positive."

But that wasn't the only issue that Kardashian said she wanted to put to rest once and for all. After appearing at Kanye West's Paris fashion show, some speculated that the pair were rekindling their rumored onetime romance, even saying these two were headed down the aisle.

"I think I'm still married," Kardashian responded, laughing off the rumor. "We've been friends for years. It's so funny, you take a picture with someone, you support them. You know, he supported me at my Dash opening in New York. We just support each other; that's what friends do."

Kardashian also revealed she's in no rush to get back into the dating game since filing for divorce from her husband of 72 days, Kris Humphries. "You know, I'm really not dating right now at all. I'm really just focusing on work. I know I always say this, but I'm just trying to get through my situation and just have fun."

For now, Kim is busy helping big sister Kourtney get ready for baby #2, due later this spring."She's so tiny, she's so cute pregnant," Kardashian said of her sister. "I am obsessed with Mason," she added about Kourtney and her boyfriend Scott Disick's son. "I can't wait to meet the baby girl. I can only imagine how they are going to dress her. ... They just make really cute babies."

And what about those rumors that Kim might be adopting a baby of her own? "No, I don't even know where that came from, but what's so crazy is the magazines can easily call and ask and we would say 'yes' or 'no,' " she told Seacrest. "But that's not true.

"I've heard so many ridiculous things and to be honest, I used to read all the magazines and watch things. I don't even look at any of that anymore. I've taken my Google alerts off my phone!"