Beyonce's Night Out: Breaking Down Her 'Tasteful' Look

Fashion expert weighs in on B's post-baby style during a President Obama fundraiser.

All the single ladies: Put your hands up and show Beyoncé some love for looking so smoking hot just 10 weeks after [article id="1676906"]giving birth to her baby girl, Blue Ivy[/article].

After multiple sightings of the star out and about in NYC since she first emerged at a [article id="1678726"]Jay-Z's post-Carnegie Hall party[/article], the singer got all dolled up to hang out with first lady Michelle Obama in Manhattan on Monday night.

The first lady of hip-hop and the actual first lady gathered at the Greenwich Hotel for a fundraising event for President Obama. Along with raising some dough, Beyoncé also raised eyebrows, thanks to her slamming post-baby body. Decked out in a body-hugging navy dress by Victoria Beckham, B rocked sky-high heels, dazzling bling (including a diamond-encrusted eagle) and her hair pulled back in a simple ponytail. So what was Beyoncé doing right in terms of styling herself as a new mom?

"When you think of all the things women dislike about themselves, the majority don't like their upper arms and also have skirt-length issues, so she's addressed both of these. It's an interesting choice because it's snug, not tight," celebrity stylist Robert Verdi told MTV News about B's post-baby style. "There's a distinction. It's body-flattering, for sure.

"It's also a very tasteful length: 2 inches above the knee. It's also a very conservative color, and it's very covered, but it still remains very sexy," he continued about the look. "You don't see all the bumps that women have post-pregnancy. ... Again, the distinction is it's body-conscious without revealing every lump and bump. Tight ain't right, but this ain't tight. This is body-skimming."

With Beyoncé heading back into the spotlight more and more, including a set of [article id="1681308"]shows planned for Memorial Day weekend[/article], does Verdi think Queen B will reassess her stage style now that she's a mom?

"She's really young, and ... her equity is in her sex appeal, so you can't dismiss that," Verdi said. "She's not going to cover up. I think you've seen a similar evolution with Madonna, where fashion is sexy but is more intellectual. It's not as in-your-face. I think you're going to see the same thing with her. You evolve, but I don't think you stop being an attractive woman because you've had a child."

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